My hair career started when I was 8 years old. Not because I had any business chopping away at others hair but because I was convinced I could improve the look they had going on. I would often stare at people, wondering how I could make them look better. My observations soon became an obsession.  I owned a rusty old pair of clippers that I would take to my aunt's house about once a month. I would arrive and shout "free haircuts, free haircuts". I did this to insure that I would be allowed to chop job the 4 boys my aunt owned. When I returned about a month later my oldest cousin said " we got teased" I responded with "Im much better now" "let me show you" and a friendly reminder "you'll at least look better". At 13 my highlighting and flippy bob cut took the stage. Once word at my middle school got out, all of my friends had the same cut and color. You could identify my friends by the same head of hair in the halls.


One of the main reasons I obsessed about others hair and not my own was,  my hair was getting shorted and damaged beyond repair. My goal became maintaining the hair's integrity while improving the manageability. I realized really quickly, we all just want our hair to appear manageable. We all want our hair to look normal and healthy. What that actually means is we all want what we don't have. If we have thick course hair, we want it thin and flat. If it's fine we want it thick. Flat hair, we want it full.  As soon as I realized that hair can be improved by product and tools, I also learned to change the texture without the damage. Fine limp hair now appeared thick with volume. Thick course hair appered soft and sleek.

We all see the celebrities and Victoria Secret models hair looking amazing at every moment and think "I could never have that hair". The truth is we can all enjoy flowing shiny hair as long as we put in what we take out (conditioning treatments and moisturizing shampoo/conditioner) and protecting the hair daily (heat protectant,  styling oil, and high-end hair color brands that aren't high ammonia/alcohol ). Product Product Product is the answer to this issue. Professional product can protect hair from styling tools heat and block UV sun rays from fading and damage. The professional chemicals instead of box dye, ensure a gentler reaction. No ammonia fumes and less alcohol for lightening hair.

One if the questions I get asked the most is "what is the difference between grocery store product and salon product'? The way that I get my point across is the comparison in price. Grocery store "best" shampoo is about $5.00 right? The grocery store marks up all inventory 100%. For example the grocery store purchases the shampoo for $2.50 and sells it for $5.00.  In order for the shampoo company to profit, it has to advertise, package, distribute and make shampoo all for under $1.25. When you do the math, you realize that what you are putting in your hair is actualy wax. Wax build up is why we get breakage and dullness. We wonder why our hair doesn't get longer when we clearly have outgrowth. Wax repels the natural oils and moisture, which dries out the hair, Leaving it brittle and causing break.

The moment we understand how to put in what we take out with wear and tear, we can start to play with manageable styles that are more about working with the hair not against it. We won't be as focused on manipulating it but working with it not against it. That is when we actually have manageable hair, that we can't help but flip and swing in the air with confidence. No more hats and ponytails.


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